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Hello again.

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Hello again! My 2013 new year resolution of starting a blog only got me as to create it, but didn’t go any further than writing my first and only post. I’m back again and hope to stay longer this time. I’m gonna try to post at least once a week sharing the highlights of what has caught my attention.

This week has been a bit strange, we’re ‘sort of moving’ to a new place, but staying in a hotel as our new rental flat isn’t available yet. So it means 2 more weeks of hotel + going back to our old flat. And trying to find a job in the London area. Hope to have a good news phone call/email soon.

On the meantime, I wanted to share with you this bathroom project I did while at college. Why this bathroom? I don’t know, but had to start somewhere and I quite liked the final result. We had a budget for this specific room, a family bathroom in a London terraced house. After gathering some thoughts I came up with a concept and then developed it in other to create the room scheme.

bathroom concept copy 2

Concept images (source: Pinterest)

My main piece was this basin unit with a concealed drawer, I just loved it first time I saw it. It’s from a Swedish company called Svedbergs. Its drawers have a perforated metal from which comes in different colours, I loved the coral one and worked well with the scheme I chose for this bathroom.

Style vanity unit 90 raspberry red

Basin unit

I also went for matt black taps, as I wanted to give a contemporary twist (from Tre Mercati), which where really nice sending me a small sample to actually see the finish. I also used white metro tiles on the walls and black floor tiles imitating a dark wood finish (both from Topps Tiles).

Tre Mercati Milan Black Mini Mono Basin MIxer Tap

Black taps

Metro White Wall Tile 20x10cm pattern

Metro white wall tiles

Arteak Black pattern

Artek Dark wood effect tiles

I wanted to keep a clean look with not much clutter around, so I added just the essential accessories to match the colour scheme. Here you can see a rendered axonometric view of the bathroom and some of the samples I gathered to show the client.


Axonometric view


Sample board

Hope you liked it and feel free to make any comments. Let’s see what comes up next time. See you in shortly, and mil gracias!



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